September 11, 2008

Happy Trails

I apologize for doing my vintage post late today. We've had some relatives visiting from out of town this week, and I have found myself busy running to and fro showing them all the sights. It did get me thinking about travel gear, though, and I am of the opinion that everyone should have some lovely vintage gems on standby for the occasional (or frequent) trip.

One must use a bag for travelling, and these lovely options will stand out from the rest so you can spend less time looking through luggage and more time on your adventures.

Then there are the things you'll need to put in the luggage - reading material, an alarm clock, grooming tools, and a way to track your travel expenses. These items are so cute you'll want to whip them out to set your temporary lodgings in order the moment you arrive.

xo, Caroline


SnugBugClothing said...

I LOVE that travel alarm clock! It is beautiful! I just looked at it and decided "it's mine! I don't care how much it costs, it's mine!" Apparently someone else had the same idea ... it sold earlier today :(

SnugBugClothing said...

What I need to do is check the blog more times a day, apparently! lol

Elizabeth said...

I recently scored the exact vintage Samsonite Train case you featured at a flea market for 5 bucks! I love it and use it as my sewing organizer. Yay, for vintage!

Caroline said...

Elizabeth: You lucky duck! I myself have been on the prowl for a couple small vintage suitcases to house my sewing stuff. I haven't found anything this good yet, though.