September 17, 2008

Country Life

Katrina here! Despite living on Canada's left coast, where you're far more likely to see someone driving to Starbucks than driving a tractor, I consider myself a country girl at heart. There's just something about the sights, smells, and sounds of the farm - the sweet grass, the rumble of the tractor engine in the distance, the low mooing from the grazing cattle ... it's homey. Here are some fabulous farm finds!

Champion quarter horse mare print - Giddy Up Studio
Harry the Rooster - Sej
'Ride On' gocco art card - Two Guitars
'Cow' original oil - RozArt

Tractor no. 2 - bndesigns

Soleil - christianedesbiens

Folk art rooster - Pegs Kitchen Studio

Mitten the Goat - Nature Mandalas


Jenny said...

I'm pretty sure I need that goat in my life.

wiu said...

I love goats...they are my favorite animal! That photo is particularly fantastic.