September 29, 2008

All weekend I haven't been able to turn on the television without being absolutely bombarded with updates about the Presidential race. Its getting pretty close to the wire now so how about another dose of some sweet sweet politics on this fine Monday morning ;)

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to find some pro-McCain crafts :P

1. Pro-Obama button by psychedelictara, $2.99
2. Palin power button by messageonabutton, $1.25
3/4. Democrat/ Republican finger puppets by mullishmuse, $12 each set
5. Obama kilt pin by TheGoblinTree, $12.99
6. McCain antenna topper by IndulgeYourSelf, $3

This is also my last post, as it is now just about the end of the month. I enjoyed my guest spot, thanks Connie!


littlebrownpen said...

These are great finds! The Palin puppet is hysterical!

Wicked Pleasures said...

I was too weird and awesome to not share

Giftbearer said...

Pretty neat stuff (I'm, not surprised though that you had trouble finding pro-McCain stuff. It's just a matter of trickle-up economics), LOL.

Immaculate Drea said...

that first badge is hysterical! obama's totally the political miggidy, miggidy mac daddy.