August 26, 2008

Secret Treasures!

Hello everyone! I'm Katrina, one of the new guest writers for Sweet Figments. What a way to begin - late on the first day! I had some password issues (that will teach me to write things down) but it's all sorted out now, so on to the good stuff!

I found some amazing treasures while pouncing the last few days. Can you believe all of these shops are as yet undiscovered?

Beautiful zebra art print from SheilaN

What an amazing statement! Dragonfly necklace from Cleopatra Kerckhof

Origami bonsai! Can you believe it? Beautiful! From Benagami

Gorgeous treasure of a garden totem from ZellesGarden

OOAK card for fall from naelund

Who doesn't need magnets? These cute decorative ones can be found at InTheHome