August 27, 2008

Fall is upon us!

Hi all - Katrina here! I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here on the west coast of Canada it sure feels like fall is upon us. It's been rainy and cold for the last few days, and I actually had to turn my heat on today! In August! I'm ok with it though - autumn is one of my favourite seasons. So I bundled myself up in a sweater and went on the hunt for some finds that remind me of fall!

Autumn leaves giclee print - Deep Creek Studios

Apple brown betty goat's milk soap - Lost River Rags

Brass leaf earrings - alyson1234

Autumn whim pendant - Alternative Art Studio


Lost River Rags & CandleLights said...

Thank you sooo much for featuring our Apple Brown Betty Maple Leaf soap!

What a great post, you did a wonderful job!!!


The Tiny Fig said...

mmm that maple leaf soap is making me crave for a stack of pancakes and hot syrup!

Ann said...

I love leaves! What great finds you got here, I especially like those earrings.

The Ebon Swan said...

Fall is hands down my favorite season as well. Here in Pennsylvania it's still veering between cooler weather and the dog days of summer - so the kids are in jeans and jackets in the morning and change into t-shirts and shorts when they come home.

The leaves are falling a little sooner than usual's about time I started decorating and cleaning too...not necessarily in that order. :P

This is a beautiful post!