August 29, 2008

Cupcakes from our flickr group

I never knew there were so many cupcake lovers in our flickr group! Don't they look yummy?

1. Two Pink Cupcakes, 2. Beaded Cuppycakes in a Cupcake Cup, 3. Collanina con Cupcake / Muffin alla Lavanda - Lavender Cupcake / Muffin Necklace *Fimo*Polymer Clay, 4. Our cupcake ornament, 5. Cupcakes with sprinkles!, 6. Pink Lemon Cupcake Soap, 7. bunny cupcake necklace, 8. Cupcake Magnets, 9. Cupcake Hat



SnugBugClothing said...

I actually purchased some fruits and vegetables from the creator of the cupcakes with sprinkles in picture #5. They are absolutely amazing - she's very talented! I can hardly wait for Christmas so that I can give them to my son :)

The Bath Project said...

this is such a cute grouping!! thank you for including my cupcake soap =o)

Merylu said...

Thank you so much for including my lavender cupcake necklace here!
I find the other cupcake so nice and lovely!

Merylu PetiteFraise

tiny cupcakes said...

Thanks for featuring our felt cupcake ornament!!