August 29, 2008

School Hard, Head Hurt, Feet Sore (Man, do I love this!)

Hello, I am Katie, owner of Branded Butterfly. I sell my handmade items on Etsy and locally. You can find my shops at Branded Butterfly and at Branded Butterfly Two. You can also read my blog at Branded Butterfly News! Always feel free to contact me! I am the guest writer today, thanks to the gracious Tiny Fig for opening up her blog to me!

I started college this week at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN! I am so excited to be back at school after 10 years away, but I have to confess to a whole host of other feelings bouncing around this week, too.

I remember when I was 18, 20 years ago, and first went to college. I was at my local community college, Haywood Community College, in North Carolina. I had my friends from High School at my side and felt then that college was just a comfortable extension of my High School years. I would hang out with my friends all day between classes, made new friends, and got a huge taste of freedom and...adulthood, without really being all that grown up. I liked it, but, as many 18 years old people often do, I felt restless and the need to speed up my life. Instead of taking the opportunity I had then to finish my education, I left school with a little more than a year under my belt, got married, and had my two children. I was an Army wife. We moved several times and finally seemed to settle down long enough for me to go back to school in 98/99. This time, even though the desire was deep to stay and finish, life and lack of money prevented me from doing so.

I have wanted to return and finally finish ever since, and now my dream is coming true!

But, I have to say, college is hard, my head is hurting, and my feet are sore! I am loving it!

I really love the campus, but did they have to make it 5 miles from one class to the next? It is so beautiful, but at this point in my life when my knees are arthritic, my back is hurting, and my body is large, I would prefer compact to pretty. I think all of this walking and hurrying is supposed to be good for me, but time will tell.

I also forgot that cute shoes do not cut it. I was at the shoe store faster than you can read this sentence trading in my cute shoes for some with more cushion and less cute. I like them. My feet still hurt, but I am optimistic that by the end of this long weekend they will recover.

Germs. Germs are those things that attack 38 year old women with such viciousness that they knock her out cold! Young people have lots of germs. They are still resilient and resistant. I am not. I am so sick! I would diagnose myself as having the flu. My head hurts in a bad way. My body aches. I am sure I have a fever of at least 105. Next week I intend to arm myself with a mask, hand sanitizer, and maybe even a full body condom for protection against those sniffling kids...oops, young adults.

Now, back to my mixed emotions. I really had to talk myself into going back to school, and if my friends and family had not been as encouraging as they are, I would probably not be back in school. I used to be that student who sat in class, took some notes, and aced everything without breaking a sweat. Even at 28 I could still do that. I could also cram at the last minute, put off studying until it was vital, and still get very good grades. I can't do that any more. College this time around will be harder and take more devotion for those high grades. I worry that I won't do well, but I intend to do everything in my power to rise above my age.
I also worried about the perception of the other students. I worried that I wouldn't fit in at all and that I would be looked at like a three headed monster for invading the territory of the really young. I finally had to make up my mind that I cannot do anything but be myself and make my way as I see fit, just as I would do anywhere.

My classes so far are great, with the exception of the freaking science class I am being forced to take. Thankfully, I only have 2 credits left to complete my general education requirements! I am thrilled that will be over quickly. I hate science. No, really, I hate it. I do not get it either, which leads to more hate.

I wanted to feature some Etsy items that would be perfect in my world right now! Please, enjoy!

These slippers found at susanstreasures, in pretty colors are cute and they look just right for my sore feet.

Don't these eye pillows look dreamy? I am certain that they would feel heavenly at the moment. Visit Gracielynne's Etsy shop to find them and other delights.

Comfy Creations offers many lovely items meant to relax and soothe! The back relief pack with moist heat below, and many other beautiful items can be found in this shop!

Cupcakes from our flickr group

I never knew there were so many cupcake lovers in our flickr group! Don't they look yummy?

1. Two Pink Cupcakes, 2. Beaded Cuppycakes in a Cupcake Cup, 3. Collanina con Cupcake / Muffin alla Lavanda - Lavender Cupcake / Muffin Necklace *Fimo*Polymer Clay, 4. Our cupcake ornament, 5. Cupcakes with sprinkles!, 6. Pink Lemon Cupcake Soap, 7. bunny cupcake necklace, 8. Cupcake Magnets, 9. Cupcake Hat


August 28, 2008

Fall Fever

Hi all - My name is Caroline, and I'll be guest blogging here about all things vintage. It's a subject I'm quite fond of, so tune in each Thursday for all the latest! Now off we go...

Whether you are headed back to school this autumn or not, there's something about the season that calls for some serious footwear. You know, shoes that you start wearing when you're ready to stop lazing about and start getting some real work done. Below are my top picks for fall footwear that will have you looking like a polished professional while maintaining a seriously stylish status quo.

What could be more studious than a loafer? These two options offer up a touch of whimsy to complement a classic style. Plus, since they're flats, you'll have the added benefit of being able to trek all over campus (or anywhere else) without growing weary.

August 27, 2008

Fall is upon us!

Hi all - Katrina here! I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here on the west coast of Canada it sure feels like fall is upon us. It's been rainy and cold for the last few days, and I actually had to turn my heat on today! In August! I'm ok with it though - autumn is one of my favourite seasons. So I bundled myself up in a sweater and went on the hunt for some finds that remind me of fall!

Autumn leaves giclee print - Deep Creek Studios

Apple brown betty goat's milk soap - Lost River Rags

Brass leaf earrings - alyson1234

Autumn whim pendant - Alternative Art Studio

I am in love

with wall decals. Oh, I wish so badly that I could paint my walls and fill them with the beautiful decals from Elephannie's shop. I first saw this shop in a Storque article on Etsy about wall decals and today I saw it while browsing through my favorites so I just have to share with you. Whether you are young or old there is the perfect decal for everyone! Enjoy!

August 26, 2008

Secret Treasures!

Hello everyone! I'm Katrina, one of the new guest writers for Sweet Figments. What a way to begin - late on the first day! I had some password issues (that will teach me to write things down) but it's all sorted out now, so on to the good stuff!

I found some amazing treasures while pouncing the last few days. Can you believe all of these shops are as yet undiscovered?

Beautiful zebra art print from SheilaN

What an amazing statement! Dragonfly necklace from Cleopatra Kerckhof

Origami bonsai! Can you believe it? Beautiful! From Benagami

Gorgeous treasure of a garden totem from ZellesGarden

OOAK card for fall from naelund

Who doesn't need magnets? These cute decorative ones can be found at InTheHome

Please give a warm welcome to Katrina

Katrina is one of our many new guest writers and she will be posting on Tuesday's and Wednesdays so stay tuned for her lovely writing! Btw, Katrina runs SnugBugClothing which has the sweetest finds for your baby.


August 25, 2008

What Time Is It?

Becca here,

My family has a love for timepieces. I am no different. I have 3 clocks in my bedroom and 3 watches, though at the moment, one is missing. :P
Here are few clocks or clock part items that I've found on Etsy. The pictures are clickable and there is a list of featured sellers at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Berry Vine Clock by bode22
My Clock Strikes Spoon Ring by Morashajewelry
Modern Large Hammered Metallic Copper Clock with Aluminum Metal Circles by astrokeofgenius
Shop Window 2, Nantucket photograph by KHawkinsPhoto

The wheels on the bus go round and round!

Oh I can hear it now! All the SAHM's screaming with joy as their kids go back to school!

From Left to Right:

The perfect messenger bag by mehran
Who says mathletes aren't cool? Show of your love for math with these fun earrings from MichellesCharmWorld
Save the world one sandwich bag at a time with this reusable sandwich bag by IreneDesign
I spy a yellow school bus from thosegreathousewomen
It's just not school without a pencil case right? Here's a great one from cipolla
Protect your laptop and travel in style! What more could you ask for? Check out the great selection from janinekingdesigns


August 22, 2008

Spotlight on Guest Writer Becca.

Have you met Becca yet? If not now's your chance to say hello and give her a warm welcome! Becca is one of the new Sweet Figments guest writers. She did the Monday post this week and will be doing it again next week. Incase you missed her post here it is! She also runs lpdesigns on Etsy so click on over there to check out more of her awesome goodies!

August 21, 2008

The last days of summer...

are approaching and if you live where I do it seems like it's already here! Well, here are some colorful pieces of jewelry to remind you of the sunshine and the fun times all year round!

From left to right:
Summer Time Earrings by SingingSky
Last Days of Summer by JenniferCasady
Indian Summer by petalandpink
SunFlower Earrings by MagpieCollections

August 20, 2008

Gold like the hot summer sun

1. Fatima Earrings, 2. Sun Set Necklace, 3. Brass Tulips, 4. Gilded Granite Earrings, 5. Rose Quartz Necklace -402, 6. Brass Steam Vintage Button Necklace, 7. IMG_2464, 8. Gold Lace, 9. Steampunk Chandelier earrings

August 19, 2008

Red like my cherry tomatoes!

August 18, 2008

Hello from Becca!

Good morning, Sweet Figments readers! I'm Rebecca and I'm a new guest writer here.

Like many people around the world, I have been watching the Olympics. A lot. You're probably familiar with the Olympic logo, the interlocking five rings in red, blue, green, yellow and black. Below is my ode to those rings, with ones found on Etsy. Each picture is clickable Enjoy!

Green: Kate Brilliant by
Black: Asphalt by Old Money
Red: Red Enamel Cup Ring by Gretchen Walker
Yellow: Lemon Avatar by QuercusSilver
Blue: Glossy Cobalt by beyondtherrockz

The Best of the Blues

1. Blue Turtle Earrings, 2. Blue Lagoon, 3. Bluest Ocean Bracelet -400, 4. Baby Blue Bouquet Earrings, 5. Blue floral toddler bib, 6. Retro blue dress, 7. Strawberry Tallcake, 8. The Blue Bird on a Line Tote Bag, 9. Blues of the Night Hand Dyed Silk Sash, 10. Little Fish in a Big Pond, 11. Blue with Red and White lines, 12. mini photo frames - tourquoise blue, 13. custom baby card or announcement, 14. Hello Opal (Necklace), 15. DSCF0010, 16. Sand & Sea Zippered Pouch

August 13, 2008

A little birdy told me...

We're back! Up and running smoothly starting August 25th! Stay tuned :D