May 17, 2008

About Us

The Sweet Figments blog was started by me (Connie) back in May of 2008 with it's original purpose being a way to help talented artists gain more exposure to their work. Since then, the blog has expanded to include features and interviews from several indie artists, designers and some wonderful vintage finds. The blog is updated Monday to Friday by myself and several guest writers with lots of fresh content. We hope you will tune in to see what we have to offer!

Editor: Connie L.

I have always loved artists of all types so naturally, I am very dedicated to finding and featuring the sweet figments of your imagination's! A quick bit about me: I love cooking, art, doodling, photography, design, creating, writing, hockey (yes, I ♥ hockey) and so much more. I am much better known as The Tiny Fig or the Winking Toast on many social networking sites and if you're curious, my work can be found at My goal is to share my many loves with you through the blog and with the help of my wonderful guest writers, my hope is for the blog to grow and become a place that readers will refer to for a variety of things like recipes, fashion trends, product reviews, tutorials, etc...

Guest Writer: Yoboseiyo
Yobo is a creepy little girl who spends too much time with her wire. This has resulted in fingers so frequently poked, they no longer bleed, cats who think that wire is a playtoy, and a plier collection that belongs in the Louvre (if only for it's largess). The Almosteries arose from a feeling many Etsians are familiar with: frustration at her inability to get a treasury. She decided one day that instead of waiting for them to expire again (invariably at 3antimeridian), she would just make her own.

Yoboseiyo's full name is unknown at this time, and our research indicates that this may be difficult information to track down. She is the Jewelry :ninja! after all.
for the full backstory, and an explanation of Almosteries (and how to make them), please visit her blog at:

Guest Writer: Caroline M.
Caroline spends her days in Honolulu beaching, biking, hiking, swimming, sunning and scouring the island for vintage goods to sell in Goodwiu Vintage (, a shop she co-operates with a friend. Aside from vintage clothing, she lives for sunshine, graveyards, animals, reading, taking amateur photos and doing odd things to procure wishes. She dislikes being told to sit for potentially big news and commercials that tell you not to switch your dial. Feel free to tune in every Thursday for Caroline's posting on all things vintage. Then head to her personal blog, Bonjour Mon Coeur (, for more information about her comings, goings, inspirations and ideas as well as occasional shop updates.