May 27, 2008

Savor Soaps

Some the best soaps on Etsy are found at Savor! Where else?!? Keep reading to find out more about Lisa the owner of Savor who is constantly on her toes trying to keep those spectacular bars of soap in stock!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Apart from soap making what do you like to do?
I don't have much free time these days! What I LOVE to do is explore San Francisco and the East Bay for great new restaurants. I am a total foodie.

I am also a huge geek – I love to work on PCs (I a a tech for my “real” job). I love video games and I love to read. The absolute best times, though, are spent with my husband. Bike riding and camping are big pastimes of ours.

2. I noticed you have quite a unique variety of scents what is your favorite and what is your most popular seller?
My favorite right now is rhubarb. I got a darling rhubarb fragrance that smells just stunning – and it is a perfect summer scent, I think. I wanted something mouthwatering.

My top seller is the Amaretto Honey Oatmeal – the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is screaming to catch up! I can't make enough, it sells out in two or three days.

3. All of your soaps are very creative and some even resemble the name/scent of the soap! When creating how do you pick your scents? Do you pick ones that are easy for you to create into those delicious looking bars?
I love to browse real recipes for my soaps. I also use food that I love as an inspiration. For example – I once read that cornmeal is a great exfoliator – well, I LOVE polenta, so the Polenta soap was born. Not everyone has to smell like lavender!

I recently recreated an Indian dessert for my store, that was one of my most difficult tasks. It has a lot of scent notes – so it's very complex. I'm very pleased with it! I didn't think the name (gajar halva) would really “sell” very well, it's a little bit obscure – so I went with Sweet Carrot.

Japanese Mango

4. With all those yummy scents will you be adding some lotions and lip balms to your shop in the future?

I've done some lotions, and they were very well received! But right now, I can barely keep up with the soap demand. I would have to scale that back before I tried to expand. I do some bath salts, too, but soap is the focus.

I've bought some lip balm making supplies but they aren't ready for mass production yet :)

5. What is the greatest thing you've learned as a seller?
I have learned that other sellers can be your support network. It's not a rat race on Etsy – most of the time. There will be problems, and there will be copying, and there will be fights. But there can also be amazing friendships and partnerships.

6. Anything else you want to add?
To be a success, do what you do well. It's not about following the latest, greatest thing, or what is popular – when you do what you do the very best, people will notice it! And people want quality as well as value. Quality is extremely important – quality of product, of store, and of customer service.


Laura said...

They look delicious! But they must be dangerous, instead of washing your hands you might just bite it by accident!