May 20, 2008


AlwaysAmy's username should be AlwaysHelpful. If you've been around in Etsy forums you've probably caught a wiff of her wonderful personality and helpful posts about keeping in touch with your customers, managing your time, or how get the most out of your shop! The community loves her and we hope she'll keep all the lovely advice coming! Keep reading to find out more about AlwaysAmy.

100010101 is binary for I love you & Coffee, tea or me? Adjustable ring

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and the things you like to do besides crafting.
That is a hard question because I am always 'crafting' something. I am always looking for new ideas or new ways to repurpose things. I take photos, I paint, I spend time with my sweet geeky husband. I guess the main thing is that I never learned about leisure time. If I sit around too long I get really fidgety. I hate wasting time, especially when there are so many productive things that I could be doing. Finding Etsy was wonderful, because it gave me a productive way to channel all of my energy.

2. What are the things you love about your craft? Is there anything that you dislike?
Well, I can say that I don't love packing. I do love that I have found a way to channel some 'craft' into just about every aspect of the process. I make my own envelopes. I repurpose old containers for shipping. I make my own labels. I really enjoy finding ways to transform junk and trash into art. When I see how wasteful our society has grown, it makes me feel really good to make my little dent!

3. Are there any crafts besides jewelry making that you love or would love to try if you had the chance?
Geez, you don't even want to know. There are soooo many things that I want to get my hands into. Not all of them will end up for sale in my Etsy shop. Sometimes it’s just about keeping your creative muscles limber, you know?

This summer I am going to work on a project with flocking. I would REALLY love to get a good welder and some metal tools - so that I could have more fun with the junkyards. I love old rusty cars and scraps and would like to make some industrial art. Who doesn't want a lawn full of 10 ft. tall robots! I have long range plans to put a black and white photo lab in the basement. Oh, and I think street art is totally awesome. I want to 'graffiti' discarded plywood and leave them around town.

The sky is the limit!

Dear little dear vintage charm necklace & Do the robot vintage charm necklace

4. Share some of your favorite shops or finds with us.
I don’t even know where to begin! There are so many shops & sellers here that I admire & have made friends with!

DancingMooney ( ) has a great jewelry store & a new blooming soap store ( ). I always admire how hard she works to get her shop just right.

Morninglori ( ) makes these mixed media sculptures that look like the taxidermy heads of the most amazing & odd animals. & her plushy creatures are beautiful!

StoopidGerl ( ) rocks my world with her resin jewelry! I wear & love my PottyMouth necklace all the time! Nobody does it like she does it!

Societysedso ( ) makes those amazing octopus that I adore & covet! I check her shop all the time for new creations!

PillowMonsters ( ) makes some of the sweetest & most charming plushy people on Etsy. I love them all!

MichellesCharmWorld ( ) runs an amazing shop that always makes me smile! & getting packages from her is like getting happy presents in the mail!

Venbead ( ) does the most amazing things with old keys & glass. The worse thing about her shop is having to pick just one piece to take home!

DanceSippyDance ( ) makes the most wonderful little odd creatures. Here LL King Cog piece is always in the back of my mind!

MomOMatic ( ) is out there doing plastic jewelry right! Her style is classy & colorful all at once. I just love it!

& of course you, TheTinyFig ( ), & not just because of this blog thing but because you are always working so hard to build tools for the community & you are so upbeat & positive! Not to mention the adorable kawaii stuff you make! Your shop is so sweet!

I know I’ve forgotten shops that I love. I could probably go on & on with this question! Isn’t it funny how it’s easier to say the good things about everyone else!

5. You've been extremely successful as a seller any wise words you'd care to share?
Attention to detail and tenacity!! If you approach it as a hobby - then you will make hobby money. You have to treat it as a business and build yourself as a brand. Take great pictures to represent your product. Make every piece of your process unique. The customer should know what they are getting as soon as they see the package sitting in the mailbow. Make a plan and stick to it. Tell the people who don't believe in you to go fly a kite!

6. Anything else you might want to add?
I am just so glad to be a part of the Etsy community. Keep up the good work!! :)

Scurry the fastest squirrel necklace & An elephant always remembers brooch


Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

This is great! AlwaysAmy is fast becoming a favorite blog read and her shop is so awesome! Excellent choice!

Christopher And Tia said...

I've always admired AlwaysAmy, but I have yet to buy from her etsy shop. Maybe someday soon I'll get the chance.

xx Tia

stOOpidgErL said...

(and thanks for the shout out!)

BeadedTail said...

Great interview! AlwaysAmy has been so helpful to so many and it was great learning more about her.

chasing lilies said...

Great interview!

Odannysgirl said...

Great interview with one of my favorite sellers!

Lotta said...

Thanks for the mention Amy! You know you are a favorite of mine!

Michelle said...

Wow! Just stumbled across this! Thanks so much for the mention :)